1-7 December 2016 – Bloemfontein, South Africa
The 5th International Soil Classification Congress will be hosted from 1-7 December 2016 in South Africa.

The congress proper will span three days, preceded by a four-day pre-congress field workshop. The field workshop starts the morning of 1 December in Pretoria and ends on 4 December in the evening in Bloemfontein. Delegates are requested to arrive at Pretoria in the evening of 30 November. (You will fly into Johannesburg.)
The field workshop will expose participants to the soils of Pretoria (manganiferous soils), Lichtenburg (aeolian, granitic and dolomitic agriculture soils), Potchefstroom (Technosols and aeolian agricultural soils), Sasolburg (high-activity clay agriculture soils), and the Vredefort meteor impact site.

The congress will take place from 5-7 December 2016 in Bloemfontein.
Delegates may participate in either or both these events.
This congress is the official congress of Commission 1.4 (Soil Classification) of the International Union of Soil Sciences and is supported by the Soil Science Society of South Africa and the University of the Free State.

Scientific Committee: Erika Micheli, John Galbraith, Peter Schad, Augusto Zanella, Arwyn Jones, Curtis Monger, Lucia Anjos, Ganlin Zhang, Cezary Kabala, Cornie van Huyssteen, Stephan Mantel, Maria Gerasimova.

Participation: Participation in the field workshop is limited to 65 delegates (the capacity of the bus). [South African delegates will have the option to drive themselves if there is no space on the bus.] Participation will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis. [Space will only be reserved for five students and for people active in the Commission and its working groups, provided that it is arranged beforehand with the organising committee.]

Special edition: A special edition of the South African Journal of Plant and Soil, comprising peer-reviewed papers of the presentations is planned.
Chair of the organising committee:
Cornie van Huyssteen (vanhuyssteencw@ufs.ac.za)

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